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Taco Bell Releases Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries and Burrito

🎶There was a Buffalo Soldier In the heart of Taco Bell Stolen from Burger King Brought to Taco Bell Fighting for the hot sauce Fighting for those nacho fries🎶

- /u/Gruzzly, via Reddit (r/LivingMas)

FRIES ARE BACK at Taco Bell and this time with Buffalo Chicken. These are boldly seasoned fries with shredded chicken, real shredded cheddar cheese, warm nacho cheese sauce, our NEW tangy buffalo sauce, freshly-prepared pico de gallo and cool sour cream! Also available in a burrito for $2.99 each.

No worries! You can still get your bag of fries with a cup of nacho cheese as well as the Nacho Fries Box includes Nacho Fries, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, Crunchy Taco, and a Medium Drink.

If fries aren't your thing Taco Bell has also brought back the Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch. - The chewy, cheesy, crunchy flavors of the iconic Cheesy Gordita Crunch now with an extra layer of seasoned beef for more of what you love! This will also have a box along with two crunchy tacos and a medium drink.

Lastly, Taco Bell's biggest box of nachos yet, the Nachos Party Pack will be staying on the menu for another month. Check out some of these awesome customizations made by users on Reddit:

Photos via /u/BigSwole92 and /u/Meanie40

This experience will last at Taco Bell until around mid-March, 2020.

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