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Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza is Coming Back

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

"We're bringing back the Mexican Pizza!" - Mike Grams, Vice President and COO at Taco Bell.

Update 12/18/21: New documentation confirmed "A fan fave returns" May-July 2022.

As fans everywhere have been begging Taco Bell to bring back the Mexican Pizza, we've slowly been receiving information of it's comeback. Now with three credible sources we can say for a fact this beloved menu item will be returning in 2022.

Our first anonymous source, with verified connections to Taco Bell corporate employees, states the Mexican Pizza will return around mid-late April.

On our subreddit the user u/DerbyTower197207 has shared releases for the upcoming months. This user, whom you can check post history and accuracy, states "The Mexican Pizza WILL return - getting the supply chain back in order for it is the current holdup - expect this in E3 (April/May). The date is NOT definite - but the return of the pizza IS."

Our final source is a video leaked to us from the Taco Bell franchise convention FranMac, that took place in Colorado Springs, CO September of this year. This video shows Mike Grams, Vice President and COO of Taco Bell, confirming the return of the Mexican Pizza will take place. For the privacy and security of our informant the video will remain confidential, but we are releasing this PDF transcript.

FranMac Transcript
Download PDF • 141KB