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Taco Bell's Most Popular Discontinued Item Is Finally Coming Back

Article via Eat This, Not That!

"It's finally happening, after a two-year hiatus and a lot of subsequent petitioning, Mexican Pizza is back at Taco Bell. It's been a long road, and fans can rejoice knowing that the news isn't rumor or speculation this time around. Mexican Pizza is slated to reappear on the chain's menu in a few short weeks.

While there have been a series of false predictions and conjectures surrounding the return of the beloved item, rapper Doja Cat was actually the first to confirm the Mexican Pizza's return, which she did live on stage at Coachella on Sunday. The beloved item has now been confirmed for a return on May 19.

The artist has been an open advocate of bringing the item back, regularly tweeting about it. In March, Taco Bell tapped her to sing a jingle about her love for the Mexican Pizza on TikTok. Since then, the artist has been the "voice of the Taco Bell people," according to the company's press release."

Read the full article by Amber Lake here.

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