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Taco Bell's New Midnight Berry Freeze Is Coming, And It's Out Of This Universe

Article via delish

"We may be approaching a new year, but Taco Bell is still divvying out the same level of deliciousness in each of their drinks. Known for dropping tasty Freeze drinks like the Tie-Dye Freeze and Dragonfruit Freeze (both from earlier this year), the longtime late night go-to is strutting into 2021 with a fresh new flavor in hand, the Midnight Berry Freeze.

Made with blue raspberry flavor mixed with a blackberry swirl, the new outer space-inspired drink is guaranteed to deliver a taste that's out-of-this-world. Displaying a beautiful blue and purple constellation in a cup, according to its description, this particular Freeze was "made for moments with friends by your side and no destination in mind." And as suggested, you should make lasting memories while doing the following until your last drop is done: "gaze up, sip, point out a constellation, sip, wish upon a shooting star, sip."

Though you may be tempted to run out to your nearest Taco Bell to grab your own Midnight Berry Freeze to ring in the New Year with, don't do so just yet. The new flavor—which will be priced at $2.59 and $2.79 for regular and large sizes, respectively—won't be available until 2021 and will only be on the menu for a limited time at participating locations. So, if you're able to catch one, consider yourself super lucky."

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