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Taco Bell to debut 'Go Mobile' prototype store with double drive-thru lanes, curbside pickup

Article via Nation's Restaurant News

"In early March, Taco Bell announced a bold plan to open ‘fast social’ restaurants with stadium-style seating for gamers. But those dine-in-focused lifestyle stores have been put on pause as the brand transitions to a smaller footprint store that caters to on-the-go consumers looking for double drive-thrus and curbside pickup.

The new format store, dubbed “Taco Bell Go Mobile,” has been in the works for three to four years but was accelerated due to the pandemic, said Mike Grams, Taco Bell president and global chief operating officer.

“I think the COVID environment has just accelerated those customer insights and needs,” he told Nation’s Restaurant News during a phone interview. “It's really clear what the consumer wants from us.”

And, that format is one that involves less friction with mobile orders, and better and faster -- and now safer -- ways to pick up food."

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