• tacobellblake

Thank You! And additions to the Living Mas team

Hey everyone! I want to give a huge thank to everyone in this community; To those who were here from the very beginning, and all those who came after. The goals of our website and our social presence are not only to share our thoughts/feeling (and info leaks) of the brand - but we've strived to bring people together with this common interest creating community resulting in sharing common goals and interests. This community wouldn't exist without our moderators, content creators, developers, and more. All of whom you can find credited on site.

That all being said, a next step in the evolution for myself AND for the community is I will be starting to stream on Twitch - which will include live podcasts when we get running. Streaming is a little more personal to me, while the podcasts will be more centered around the community as a whole. With these new projects, we are looking to add people to the team. The goal with these steps is to bring more attention to this community, open up new opportunities to collaborate with Taco Bell, while also giving more resources to strive as a community. If you're interested in volunteering your time and skill, read the descriptions on our Google form and apply there. For everyone else, stay tuned for future announcements. Questions, comments, concerns can be sent to us using the contact page.