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The Fastest Way To Get Taco Bell: How A Two-Story, Four-Lane Drive-Thru Could Boost Yum! Brands

Article via Yahoo! Finance

"One of the most well-known fast-food brands in the U.S. could be getting a store facelift that will create some buzz and could increase speed and efficiency.

What Happened: Taco Bell, a unit of Yum! Brands Inc (NYSE: YUM), announced plans to open a new two-story location in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota in summer 2022.

The location will use Vertical Works Inc.'s licensed design and technology and feature four drive-thru lanes.

Taco Bell calls the new location the “frictionless future of Taco Bell.”

A customer scans a QR code and then pulls forward to pick up their food in a contactless manner using a lift system and two-way audio and video technology."

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