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This Pop-up Restaurant's Crunchwrap Homage Is So Good, Taco Bell Wants In on a Collaboration

Article via Food & Wine

"Imagine Bruce Springsteen going to see a Bruce Springsteen cover band and being so thoroughly impressed that he invites the band to tour with him. Something like the food-world equivalent of that happened in Los Angeles on Friday, when Taco Bell chef Rene Pisciotti went to Hollywood multi-hyphenate B.J. Novak's Chain pop-up and ate chef Tim Hollingsworth's version of a Crunchwrap Supreme.

Blown away by the flavors, the contrasting textures, how Hollingsworth used Snake River Farms wagyu for this distinctly hexagonal and crunchy taco-burrito hybrid while also making his own taco sauce, and how Chain decorated its pop-up house with vintage chain-restaurant memorabilia, Pisciotti gave his official blessing to this over-the-top ode.

"Tim walked me through it ingredient by ingredient and how they were assembling it," Pisciotti says. "He was on point, just left of center enough that it was his own spin on it. But ultimately, when you're eating this thing, you're like, this is a Crunchwrap. I was genuinely concerned that he wasn't going to be able to get the texture right because our tostada shells are so crunchy, and he figured out a way to do it. It's a pretty magical thing that they've done."

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