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What is the Taco Bell Film Festival? And who is behind it? An investigation

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Article via The Takeout

"There are no two words that catch my eye more quickly than “Taco Bell.” Driving down the highway? A Taco Bell billboard will make me pull over. Strolling through the grocery store? I’ll stare at those Taco Bell hot sauce bottles for hours. Playing Wordle? Listen, the word has to be either “tacos” or “bells” eventually, right? So of course, no mention of the beloved chain on Twitter, a platform on which I spend approximately 20 hours a day, would get past me. That’s where I first heard of the Taco Bell Film Festival 2022.

@tbfilmfest is a modest account, with only 96 followers as of publication. The bio simply reads: ​​“Taco Bell Film Festival 2022 presented by Delta Airlines — Live Más.” At first glance, there’s no reason to think this wouldn’t be the inkling of an official Taco Bell sanctioned promotion, especially with recent news that the brand will be enlisting fans to create its next cinematic Nacho Fries ad, as reported by AdWeek. Even the first tweet that came across my timeline seemed pretty legit:

But soon after following the account to keep tabs, I had questions. First of all, it seemed unlikely that a film festival run by one of the biggest brands in the world would have a Gmail account for collecting submissions. Second, the next tweet sent with information about the festival was… extreme. “Discount Alert, For a limited time, Taco Bell Film Festival Premium Badges are available for $2300, which includes, VIP Access to Exclusive Zoom Calls With Industry Pros, Unlimited Streaming of most TBFF 2021 [sic] films, 50% OFF YOUR NEXT $2 BURRITO,” it reads, with no link to any more information. And while a quick Google search did bring up a link to a blog on Taco Bell’s website about “Living Más through film,” the vibes were, well, very different."

Read the full article by Brianna Wellen here.

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