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Why you recognize the actors from Taco Bell's Nacho Fries commercial

Article via Looper

"In January of 2018, the world changed forever. Civilization tries its best to maintain the status quo, but every so often, a gamechanger gets introduced that demands attention. Nothing could stop the inevitable march of its progress... until one day, it just sort of disappeared. Of course, the only thing we could be talking about is nacho fries from Taco Bell. 

For a limited time, the fast food behemoth offered French fries covered with spices and served with cheese sauce. It's the perfect late night munchie idea that left many to wonder why Taco Bell had never ventured into this kind of territory in the past. Despite being a success, the nacho fries went the way of McDonald's McRib, with humanity left wondering why this delicious treat was sucked back into the ether from whence it came. 

Fortunately, the fries are back, and with their reinstatement also comes the return of the excellent movie trailer parodies the company did the first time around. Back in the day, Josh Duhamel played a family man who finds himself tangled into a massive conspiracy regarding the nature of these fries. This time around, Taco Bell has given us a horror parody about a man who traverses into the woods to clear his head. As is the case with anyone who goes to a cabin in the woods, horrifying things happen — namely, the fries come back from the dead. It looks like the company isn't skimping on star power, as two recognizable actors appear in the commercial spot to sell you some fries." 

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