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Hey ’90s kids: Yes, you CAN still get Taco Bell’s chili cheese burrito

"Recently, I discovered a website that shows nationally where the burrito is located, and luckily there are several in Michigan. You can find the locations here: While on the west side of the state recently, I checked the chili cheese locator site..." Read More @


There’s Some Absurdly Intense Drama Going Down in the Taco Bell Subreddit

"...But Blake was a person who had not only the foresight to register, but also the energy to turn it into his very own Taco Bell news aggregator   ("Not affiliated with Taco Bell or YUM! Brands," says his Reddit bio). His "Taco Bell Resumé" includes..." Read More @

The Takeout

We have reason to believe the Mexican Pizza is returning to Taco Bell

Living Mas also directed us to the LivingMas subreddit, where an anonymous user, listed as a Verified Employee of Taco Bell, has confirmed the rumor. According to the user, here’s what’s in store at Taco Bell...  Read More @

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