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Xbox SERIES X Giveaway

The bundle will include the Xbox Series X, wireless controller, and a six-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The announcement didn't detail exactly when the systems will go out to winners, but it did promise they'll be available before the console's November 10 launch date. To win, just purchase a medium or large drink to acquire a code. There’s a winner every 15 minutes, so what are you waiting for? 

Free Daily Codes:


Once you have a code, text it to 72823 to enter.

Having issues with your code?
Xbox PR Cup.jpg

1. If the code isn't going through by text, try putting it through the website: Enter Code

2. Still not going through?

 - If you use Twitter, tweet to the TacoBellCare

 - If not, use this page to contact Taco Bell:

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