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Blake Hundley



Blake founded Living Más in 2017 as a central hub for fans to find all the news and information about Taco Bell in one spot. In 2019, Blake began cultivating Living Más as an online community, and suddenly what began as an informational archive succeeded in a new effort to bring people together. The outcome is a close community to share and motivate towards the true meaning of Living Más, all while having a mutual passion for Taco Bell.


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The Cantina Locator was one of our very first projects we set out on. Since creation of our map, Taco Bell's website now gives a function to find the nearest to you if there is one nearby, but still does not show all available options.

We remain the sole provider of a full map, fully put together by fan submissions. To learn more about Cantina locations visit the locator.

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Chili Cheese Burritos (CCB) are not served at every Taco Bell, it remains a choice by each franchisee where to serve them. A CCB locator had existed for years until disappearing out of the blue late 2020. Shortly after we took it upon ourselves to recover this project and bring our own locator to life. 


the ChiliCheese team: erik colley , Jman100



Our Discord community is a constant connection with other fans of The Bell. Come share your meal photos and favorite customizations, explore other interests with community members, and view content made and shared by other big time TB fans.


The newest of our three communities is on Facebook! Our public group allows you to connect with friends, family, and other fans across the country. Here you can share your photos, discuss current Taco Bell news and releases, and share all your nostalgic Taco bell experiences.

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r/LivingMas is your forum for all things Taco Bell! A community made by Taco Bell fans for Taco Bell fans. Here you'll find photos, discussion, new release leaks and info, events, giveaways, and much more. You may even see Taco Bell themselves join in on the fun.

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