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upcoming items, events, or anything else taco bell doesn't want you to know yet

E4 2023 Nationwide

Yellowbird Nacho Fries & Burrito
Confirmed via 3 sources
April 13 - May 24
Yellowbird Ranch, which uses Yellowbird Habanero as the base. This will go two weeks or while supplies last.
Grilled Cheese Burrito becomes permanent along with a combo.
Bell Breakfast box will now have a California Crunchwrap.
Nacho Fry Deluxe Box, BYODB in the app, Breeze Freeze sustains
Nacho Fries will sustain to the
 menu at select stores with new equipment sent to stores. This test will continue thru E10.
"Menu Evolution" Expected to take place E2 2024 where fries could go perm nationwide.

E5 2023 Nationwide

Nacho Fries National Program
Big Cheez It Tostada & Crunchwrap

Confirmed via 3 sources
May 25 - June 28
Big Cheez Its will also be sold in 2 and 4 Pack cracker packs (Mobile Only)
Mtn Dew Caribbean Splash Freeze (replacing Baja Blast Freeze)


E6 2023 Nationwide

Volcano Burrito and Taco, Quesalupa(?), Cravings Duo, Mango Salsa(?), Baja Blast Ice Cream (2 weeks)
Confirmed but exact details may change - From internal communication & documentation.
June 29 - August 2

Volcano Menu will be back for a limited time with the ability to add Lava Sauce to any item. Rewards members get early access starting June 27.

Cravings duo testing E2 2023. Baja blast Ice Cream testing E3 2023. Those two items being involved in this experience vary on test outcomes.

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Remaining Experiences:


E7: August 3 - Sept. 6

E8: Sept. 7 - Oct. 11

E9: Oct. 12 - Nov. 15

E10: Nov. 16 - Dec. 22

2024 Experiences begin December 23, 2023!

This page updated:  4/1/2023

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