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upcoming items, events, or anything else taco bell doesn't want you to know yet


Taco Bell always has many different items in the works and while they plan far ahead of time, many releases have variables. We pride ourselves in having top level sources to share this information.

SODIUM WARNING: Unless you see purple "Confirmed" text, take each leak with a grain of salt.


All leaks subject to change.

Purple Text is info provided to us with internal documentation showing complete accuracy. 

"Confirmed" in yellow text is info provided to us that may have partial documentation and the rest is from accurate sources

"Likely" has been shared with us without documentation but comes from trusted source

"Possible" in red text is something we know has been talked about and could happen but is most subject to change.

This page updated:  6/1/2023

E5 2023 Nationwide

Spicy Verde Steak Fries & Burrito
Confirmed via 3 sources
May 25 - June 28
Spicy Verde Steak Fries & Burrito
Watermelon Berry & Watermelon Berry Lemonade Freeze
Enchirito returns digital only for $3.79

Nacho Fries testing new equipment, sizes, and combos in new region. Expected to  go perm nationwide E9/E10.

Triple Double Crunchwrap 3 Course ($5) and 5 Course ($8.99) Meals

Nacho Fries.jpeg

E6 2023 Nationwide

Volcano Burrito and Taco, Cantina Crispy Chicken Taco, Waffle Taco Collab (2 weeks)
Confirmed  - From internal communication & documentation.
June 29 - August 2

Volcano Menu will be back for a limited time with the ability to add Lava Sauce to any item. Rewards members get early access starting June 27.

July 13 - August 2:
Mango Salsa for Crispy Chicken Taco
Baja Blast Ice Cream (possibly only at select locations, served as pints of ice cream)

Test Items: Three types of cheese sauces (2 queso sauces and a new version Jalapeño Cheddar)

E7 2023 Nationwide

Grilled Cheese Dipping Tacos, Beefy Crunch Burrito (2 weeks/WSL)
Confirmed - internal documentaiton
Aug. 3 - Sept. 6

Test Items: Cantina Chicken 2.0 testing - Milwaukee, WI E7-E10

shredded beef dipping tacos.jpeg
Rolled Chicken Tacos

E8 2023 Nationwide

Rolled Chicken Tacos
Confirmed - internal docs comms
Sep. 7 - Oct. 11


E9 & E10 2023 Nationwide

Fries & Breakfast
Conf/Likely - internal docs and comms
Oct. 12 - Nov. 15 & Nov.16 - Dec. 22

These are separate parts of the experience (not a fries during breakfast combo item)
At this time we expect a breakfast menu re-launch and fries to become a permanent addition to the menu. Internal resources also expect pricing changes sometime between this menu change and a possible following menu change.


Nacho Fries.jpeg

Other Leaks

  • Cheez It items are not shown to headline any experience but are still in discussion

  • There are unknown secondary items expected for E7, E8, E9 and E10 that have not been disclosed to us

  • Mtn Dew Caribbean Splash Freeze possible Summer 2023

  • Cantina Chicken test a success, another test during E7 with expected full permanent launch early 2024

  • Tajin powder on Mango Freeze expected release sometime between September-November

  • Possible future desserts: Caramel Apple Empanada, Milk Bar's Strawberry Bell Truffle

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Unlisted Experience Dates:

2024 Experiences begin December 23, 2023.

Big "Menu Evolution" likely E2 2024.

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