ChiliCheese by LivingMas

What Is ChiliCheese by LivingMas?


ChiliCheese by LivingMas was created as an alternative to the now discontinued website, It shows the current map of all the current confirmed Taco Bell locations that serve Chili Cheese Burritos. The Chili Cheese burrito is an iconic Taco Bell burrito that includes chili and cheese, it’s simple and delicious. 


Since Taco Bell doesn't offer this item at every location, we've compiled a map of the locations you can enjoy this rare item! Huge thanks to the Chili Cheese Burrito Locator Group, r/livingmas users on Reddit, and helpful users like you for making this possible. This page is managed by Nep (u/darknep on Reddit and Discord).


Soon we will have a separate domain name to access this page, making it easier to access and enable more features in the very near future. We'd appreciate your support by sharing this page, adding a location, joining our Discord Server and/or subreddit, and donating to help keep these pages running. 

Map of Taco Bell locations that serve Chili Cheese Burritos


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