ChiliCheese FAQ

What exactly is ChiliCheese by LivingMas?
ChiliCheese by LivingMas was created as an alternative to the now discontinued website, It shows the current map of all the current confirmed Taco Bell locations that serve Chili Cheese Burritos. The Chili Cheese burrito is an iconic Taco Bell burrito that includes chili and cheese, it’s simple and delicious. 

Why list the locations?

Since Taco Bell doesn't offer this item at every location, we've compiled a map of the locations you can enjoy this rare item! While there are many more locations that offer this burrito in the US, the list we've got now is all fan-submitted locations, and volunteers @ LivingMas have confirmed that these stores do sell Chili Cheese Burritos.

Who manages this page?

Nep (u/darknep on Reddit and Nep on Discord) manages this page. This website is entirely fan-run and is not affiliated with Taco Bell, nor their parent company Yum!

Huge thanks to the Chili Cheese Burrito Locator Group, r/livingmas users on Reddit, and helpful users like you for making this possible.


Who pays for all of this?

We pay for all the hosting and such out-of-pocket, this whole project alongside with the whole LivingMas page, Reddit, and Discord is all managed by Taco Bell fans. please consider donating to help keep the website up and help the Taco Bell community thrive! We currently accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and PayPal.

I see one that's quite far away, but I kind of want to go... Should I risk it?

Please double-check by calling the store or visiting their store page on the Taco Bell website. If it's listed on this site, odds are that the store serves them - if not contact us to correct. 

I know of a location that sells them that isn't on the map!

Please fill in this form to report a location that sells Chili Cheese Burritos that isn't on the map. don't worry if no proof is provided, LivingMas volunteers will verify by calling the store.

A location listed no longer carries the Chili Cheese Burritos, what do I do?

Please fill in this form to report an incorrect location on the map. 

I want to help out!

Contact Nep on discord to help us out!

We'd appreciate your support by sharing this page, adding a location, joining our Discord Server and/or subreddit, and donating to help keep these pages running, we currently accept most major cryptocurrencies, cashapp, and PayPal.