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Celebrating Taco Bell's 60th Anniversary (Blog from June '22, Part 2)

🎶 OH what a night, late March back in '62 Glen made Taco Bell for me and you. "What's a 'tay-co'?" What a night! 🎶

60 years later, we gather at Taco Bell's HQ in Irvine, California to celebrate all the great years since that big opening day in March 21, 1962. Food trucks, picture backdrops, two stages, and Taco Bell Numero Uno - we are all set for the Taco Bell Live Más Music Feast-For-All.

When Glen Bell opened his first 400 square foot Taco Bell in Downey, CA, he sold Tostados, Burritos, Frijoles, Chiliburgers, and Tacos, all for 19 cents. ""Numero Uno" [shown above] operated as a Taco Bell until 1986. For the following 28 years it would serve as home to other taqueria shops until it's official closure in 2014. With new development planned for the surround land, the building was slated for demolition. But, in November of 2015, in partnership with the Downey Conservancy, We Are The Next and Taco Bell, Numero Uno was saved. Raised from it's foundation, the building took a 45-mile journey through the streets of Southern California, ending here at the Taco Bell HQ in Irvine."

Fans will be excited to know the iconic building is set to find a new home in the coming year and will remain in SoCal.

Glen set the stage for what it means to "Live Más", as I've learned personally reading 'Taco Titan: The Glen Bell Story' by Debra Lee Baldwin. Glen rose from poverty, served as a cook in the U.S. Marine Corps, and through trial and error built multiple successful restaurants before creating Taco Bell - which would turn into the innovative powerhouse that it is today. Glen was fueled by his passion for food and the restaurant business allowing him to succeed. Later on, almost 20 years after selling Taco Bell, Glen would find Bell Gardens; a magnificent landscaped park and produce farm open to the public. Glen also supported 4-H, Boy's and Girl's Club, Scripps Hospital, the Salvation Army, and many more.

In the first half of 2022, Taco Bell Foundation donated $100,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America on a national level.


At the 60th Anniversary party, Taco Bell featured many different food truck vendors. Partnering specifically with Yeastie Boys, Pablito's Tacos, Milk Bar, and Burnt truck, they offered many innovative collab dishes inspired by Taco Bell flavors. Also found were the Taco Bell Truck, Kogi food truck.

One of the collabs included this twist on a Crunchy Taco known as the "Everything Seasoned Crunchy Taco". If you're a fan of the bagel with a similar name, this is definitely for you. Dipped in a cup of warm nacho cheese sauce, this Yeastie Boys collab stole the show.

To see more of the collabs with Yeastie Boys or to check them out in general, their Instagram page is full of all sorts of neat creations.

Check them out here.

There were a couple big on-stage moments of the night, one being when CEO Mark King brought up Greg Creed, former CEO to YUM! Brands and before that CEO to Taco Bell. Creed spent 25 years between Taco Bell and YUM! Brands and oversaw many of the events and innovations we experienced as consumers.

The other big on-stage moment later on in the night featured Lisa Bartlett, Orange County's Fifth District Supervisor, declaring June 23 "Live Más Day" in celebration of Taco Bell's SoCal roots. This resolution highlights Taco Bell's historic contributions to Orange County and marks a day to be celebrated for years to come.

While our belly's were filling up with great food, our ears were filling with great sounds. With DJ Lanz on the turntable, Taco Bell also featured performances by Taco Bell Foundation scholars and Feed the Beat artists. These two Taco Bell missions bring the brand's "Live Más" slogan to life.

The two foundation scholar artists were Christian Beck and Kate Consentino. Christian, native to Kentucky, is an American Idol Alumni and Coca-Cola scholar as well. Kate is a four-time Live Más Scholarship recipient, singer/songwriter, and Belmont University Graduate.

Next on stage, featured in Taco Bell's Fall 2018 Feed the Beat lineup of 100 artists, is one-man-band Mobley. Performing with keyboard, guitar, drums, and much more, the energy is intoxicating, making it impossible to just sit in your seat and listen. This talented performance knocked the taco socks off all our feet.

The stage was now set for the unstoppable force of LP Giobbi to round out the night. Called the Queen of Piano House, leading record label Animal Talk, and creator of nonprofit Femme House, LP takes to the turntables to get every last person on their feet to dance the night away.

And just like that, the night is history one for the history books. What Taco Bell calls it's "first-ever Live Más Music Feast-For-All" was a 60th Anniversary party to never forget. We can only hope for more Music Feast-For-All events in the future. Maybe a nationwide tour? Sign me up!

Live Más!