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 Test Marketed Items 


Double Steak Melt

January 24, 2019

The Double Steak Melt is testing in Cleveland, Ohio. It's gordita shell filled with double steak and three cheese and then grilled. Item is testing at $3.49 by itself or in a $7 Box that includes a crunchy taco, nacho fries, and a medium drink.

This item also tested in February 2018 along with a $5 Three-Course Meal that included the melt, chips and nacho cheese, a 2-pack of cinnabon delights, and a medium drink.


Double Beef Quesarito

April 4, 2019

A burrito filled with seasoned beef, seasoned rice, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and chipotle sauce. It is then wrapped up inside a seasoned beef quesadilla. Taco Bell is offering the Double Beef Quesarito a la carte for $3.49 and in a $5 Box, which comes with two crunchy tacos and a medium drink of your choosing.

This item testing in Charlotte, North Carolina.


$1 Churro Doughnuts

April 4, 2019

All-new $1 Churro Donuts to its breakfast menu as part of a limited-time test run. T-Bell said the new donuts are "everything you know and love about a churro in the shape of a donut." More specifically, they take a circular churro, deep fry it until it's golden brown and crispy, and finish it with a dusting of cinnamon sugar, according to a press release. They're available for $1 each during breakfast hours at Taco Bell locations in Kansas City, Missouri


Vegetarian Menu

April 4, 2019

Taco Bell has tested a small vegetarian menu in it's Dallas, Texas locations. This menu consists of a Vegetarian Crunchwrap Supreme, a 7-Layer Burrito, and a Vegetarian Quesarito. Both Crunhwrap and Quesarito use black beans instead of beed along with the other regular ingredients. The 7-Layer Burrito consists of refried beans, rice, guacamole, shredded lettuce, a three-cheese blend, diced tomatoes, and reduced fat sour cream.

This menu went nationwide Experience 9 (September 12) 2019.


Double Stacked Tacos (new sauce flavors)

May 9, 2019

The $1 Double Stacked Taco was previously on national menus, but now it’s back with two new sauce options in Birmingham, Alabama, only. It features a crunchy taco shell stuffed with seasoned beef, cheddar cheese and lettuce wrapped in a soft flour tortilla (with nacho cheese sauce gluing the hard and soft tortillas together), topped with your choice of Chipotle Cheddar sauce or Reaper Ranch sauce (made with the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper). Each one costs $1 a la carte, or it can be included in a $5 Box with a Beefy 5-Layer, Crunchy Taco, Cinnamon Twists and a medium drink.

The Nacho Crunch version (doesn't use Chipotle Cheddar or Reaper Ranch sauce) of the item also has southwest seasoned chips inside it. 

These items went nationwide Experience 1 (Dec. 26, 2019) 2020.


$1 Grande Burritos (new flavors)

May 9, 2019

The $1 Grande Burrito was also originally served nationwide, and now it’s coming to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in two new flavors. The Loaded Taco Burrito is made with seasoned beef, lettuce, reduced-fat sour cream, cheddar cheese and red tortilla strips. The Chipotle Chicken Burrito has seasoned rice, shredded chicken and chipotle sauce. They’re both $1 a la carte or can be part of a $5 Box with a Doritos Locos Taco, Crunchy Taco, Cinnamon Twists and a medium drink.


Avocado Ranch Bowl and Chipotle Grilled Burrito

June 6, 2019

These items are testing in Cleveland, OH

The Avocado Ranch Bowl comes in a stadium-style tray with a side of chips and guac. The "bowl" itself consists of homestyle-seasoned grilled chicken (onion, garlic, pepper, and a hint of chili pepper), black beans, purple cabbage, iceberg lettuce, and pico de gallo all served over seasoned rice. It's topped with an avocado ranch sauce. The bowl itself costs $5.49; for an extra buck you can swap in grilled steak, and for another dollar you can add on a large drink.

The Chipotle Grilled Burrito is also served with chips and guac and is filled with grilled steak, seasoned rice, black beans, creamy Chipotle sauce, purple cabbage, iceberg lettuce, and pico de gallo. The plate totals $6.49; the combo, which comes with a large drink, is $7.49. Like the bowl, you can swap out steak for chicken if you prefer, which will drop the cost.

These items went nationwide Experience 5 (May 21) 2020.


Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries

July 11, 2019

These items are testing in Memphis, TN for $2.99 each.

Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries are made by taking its gratuitously seasoned Nacho Fries and heaping them with shredded chicken, tangy buffalo sauce, shredded cheese, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, and pico de gallo. You can order the fries nacho-style or wrapped up in a tortilla as a burrito.

These items went nationwide Experience 2 (January 30) 2020.


Vampire Steaked Fries

July 11, 2019

These items are testing in Chicago, IL.


The fries and burrito come loaded with steak, nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheese, and pico de gallo, and a new Vampire Sauce that's described as "a spicy-savory sauce with flavors of garlic and jalapeños."


Loaded Taco Fries

July 11, 2019

These items are testing in Toledo, OH


The NEW Loaded Taco Fries "combines the classic flavors of the Crunchy Taco with the bold flavors of Nacho Fries," per the press release. Both the nacho and burrito versions are made with the seasoned fries, nacho cheese sauce, ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, crunchy red tortilla strips, shredded cheese, and sour cream. 

These items went nationwide Experience 4 (July 22) 2021.


Toasted Breakfast Burritos

August 15, 2019

Hashbrown, Grande, and Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burritos test in Nashville, TN along with the first ever $5 Breakfast Box. Read more to see all the details.

This item went nationwide Experience 3 (March 12) 2020.


Nachos Party Pack

September 12, 2019

The Nachos Party Pack is now available in the Birmingham, AL market through mid-December at participating locations for $7.99.


This shareable menu item is served in Taco Bell's biggest box yet making it the largest order of nachos the company has ever released. The Nachos Party Pack features a bed of chips topped with refried beans, seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, reduced fat sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole, and jalapeños.

This item went nationwide Experience 1 (Dec. 26, 2019) 2020.


Bacon Club Toasted Cheddar Chalupa

September 12, 2019

The all-new Bacon Club Toasted Cheddar Chalupa is testing in Charlotte, North Carolina.


This item takes the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa shell and fills it with grilled chicken, avocado ranch sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and bits of bacon. This cheesy Taco Bell twist on a club sandwich will be testing for a limited time for $3.29.


Crispy Tortilla Chicken

October 9, 2019

Two reports came in of "Crispy Tortilla Chicken" testing in Orange County, CA.

Report says you can pick from chicken strips or a $1 soft taco that includes fried chicken, avocado ranch, lettuce, cheese, and pico de gallo.

Exact locations were in Brea, CA and at the Red Hill Tustin, CA location.

11/21/19 - Testing again in Dayton, OH and Houston, TX. Reports expect this to go nationwide in 2020.

3/12/20 - Testing again Memphis, TN.


Beefy Crunchmelt

August 16, 2018

Testing in Kenosha, WI.


The Beefy Crunch Melt is folded and grilled, filled with seasoned beef, crunchy red strips, nacho cheese, and shredded cheese. Also available in a spicy version that adds jalapenos. Both for $1.

The $5 Box with this test item includes a Beefy Crunch Melt, a Chalupa Supreme, a Crunchy Taco, and a medium drink.


Grilled Cheese Burrito

November 21, 2019

Testing in Chattanooga, TN

"Calling all cheese lovers! Taco Bell takes a twist on an American classic with the Grilled Cheese Burrito - featuring melted cheese both inside and grilled on the outside of the burrito giving fans an unapologetically indulgent experience. 

This burrito includes melted cheeses, beef, rice, three-cheese blend, chipotle sauce, red strips & sour cream all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Lastly, Taco Bell adds a final layer of melted cheese then its grilled for just $2.99. Order it in a $5 Box paired with 2 Crunchy Tacos and a medium drink or the larger $7 Box with a Beef Chalupa Supreme, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos, Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce, and a medium drink."

This item went nationwide Experience 6 (July 2) 2020.


Steak and Poblano Quesadilla

November 21, 2019

Testing in Cleveland, OH.


"Following the test of the "From Our Cantina" Bowl and Burrito earlier this year, Cleveland fans will now have the opportunity to try the next "From Our Cantina" menu test item. The Steak and Poblano Quesadilla features marinated steak combined with mild, roasted poblano peppers, flavorful avocado ranch, and a blend of cheddar, mozzarella, and pepper jack cheeses. Paired with a side of guacamole and nacho chips, this quesadilla gives fans an elevated dining experience just like our Cantinas.

Order the Steak and Poblano Quesadilla for $6.49, vegetarian for $4.49 or with grilled, all-white-meat chicken for $5.49."


$1 Shredded Chicken Tacos

November 21, 2019

Testing in Phoenix, AZ

"Taco Bell's commitment to value continues with the test of the new $1 Shredded Chicken Tacos. This product features Taco Bell's flavorful shredded chicken topped with fresh lettuce, crunchy red strips, cheddar cheese, and the choice of spicy ranch, creamy chipotle, or buffalo sauce all for $1. If one taco is not enough, why not order one of each flavor!

The Shredded Chicken Taco will also be featured in a $5 Box alongside a chalupa Supreme, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, and a medium drink. "


Taco Bell Double Steak Melt Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Double Beef Quesarito Test 2019.jpeg
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Taco Bell Double Stacked Tacos Test 2019.jpeg
Grande Burritos Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Avocado Ranch Bowl and Chipotle Grilled Burrito Test 2019.jpeg
Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Vampire Steaked Fries Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Loaded Taco Fries Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Toasted Breakfast Burritos Test 2019
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Taco Bell Toasted Cheddar Bacon Club Chalupa Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Crispy Tortilla Chicken Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Beefy Crunchmelt Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell Steak and Poblano Quesadilla Test 2019.jpeg
Taco Bell 1 Dollar Shredded Chicken Tacos Test 2019.jpeg
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