UPCOMING Experiences 

Test Marketed Items

E5 - E6 2021

2021 Experiences

There will have 6 experiences in 2021, versus the regular 10, the first few spanning 2-3 months with the last 3 being 6-8 weeks. Each experience is expected to have multiple LTOs and mid-experience releases.

E5 (9/2/21 - 10/21)

RUMOR (80%)

Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco and Chicken Wings

- The Crispy Chicken Sandwich will release nationwide

- Chicken Wings will also be released this experience

- Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito will be released mid-experience, or E6 2021.

E6 (10/21 - 12/21)


Rumored to be a return of a fan favorite


March 2021

Crispy Chicken Sandwich taco

Click the image to be taken  to our March 2021 (E2) Test Items post.

E3 test items will be posted soon along with the other 2021 test items.