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Living Más is the hub for all things Taco Bell. It is a site both built by the fans and for the fans, so that everyone can be updated on anything that comes to the fast food restaurant they love.

Articles on new items before and after they come out, as well as any Taco Bell news will be shared on our NEWS page.

The Limited-time Offers pages are information gathered about Taco Bell items: 
Past, Present, and Future.

Our maps allow you to find your nearest Taco Bell Cantina through our fan-reported Cantina Locator, as well as find your nearest Chili Cheese Burrito which is only sold at Select Locations. 

Living Más is the spot for any Taco Bell fan to learn and grow in their interest towards their favorite fast food chain.

If you have are questions, suggestions, information about tested items/upcoming LTOs, or information on locations that carry the Chili Cheese Burrito or are Cantina locations, then email us by using the Contact Page.


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